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How do you get to potato crisp heaven?
Start with real ingredients, naturally.
We use salted egg yolks cured to the hue
of golden sunlight. 

We then lovingly coat freshly-sliced potatoes
with explosive flavours – first the graininess
of  real salted eggs, followed by a hint of
curry leaves, ending off with a dab of spiciness.
Truly divine.

Each order contains 12 packs. 

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Contains: Egg, Milk and Gluten.

May contain trace elements of Soy, Fish and Crustacean.

Potato, Edible Oil, Salted Egg Yolk, Sugar, Curry Leaves, Milk Powder, Chilli, Salted Egg Powder [Chicken Egg, Maltodextrin, Shortening Powder (Palm Oil, Glucose Syrup, Sodium Caseinate), Yeast Extract, Creamer (Whey Protein, Maltodextrin, Lactose, Wheat, Palm Oil, E332(ii), E270, E471), Permitted Flavouring and Colouring], Salt, and E621.