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The obsession with Singapore’s hawker-style crab dishes is a passionate one.

The Golden Duck’s team of chefs spent months crafting the perfect recipe to capture the authentic flavours of Singapore Chili Crab and Salted Egg Crab in a snack pack. No one ever said perfection was easy.

But here they are. Singapore Chili Crab Seaweed Tempura and Salted Egg Crab Seaweed Tempura. Light, crisp tempura batter, sweet crab meat and the smokiness of roasted seaweed. A winner.

Here’s to good times, and great snacks. And where The Golden Duck goes, amazing snacks follow.

Each order contains 6 packs of Singapore Chilli Crab Seaweed Tempura and 6 packs of Singapore Salted Egg Crab Seaweed Tempura.

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