Not all snacks are created equal

In the world of snacks, fast-moving is king. This however, is not always great for consumers, as taste and quality often find themselves sacrificial to things like output and efficiency.

In 2015, we set out on a mission to challenge that. Two (always) hungry entrepreneurs, a chef, and zero understanding of the consumer foods game — we created a snack that unbeknownst to us at the time, would go on to change the way people snack in Asia.

Here at the Golden Duck, we like to say that we craft the world's most complex, dish-accurate snacks. A journey that started with a simple salted-egg yolk, is now an obsession with the art of turning our favourite foods into gourmet snacks!


To connect people from all over the world through a common love for great snacks

Snack Boldly

We're not afraid to stand out, and neither are our snacks. Since pairing Salted Egg Yolks – a flavour of generations past – onto the humble potato chip in 2015 (thank God it worked, phew), we've never looked back! Today, our mad-scientist committee of chefs and snackheads are putting flavours to different carriers (whatever edible morsels we can find and fit into a packet) at breakneck speed. Of course, not everything sees the glory of a supermarket shelf... but might find a surprise small-batch product or two on this site or if you subscribe to our email list (hint, hint).

"Demand for their first chips was so high that they imposed a daily limit of five bags per customer."
"At convenience stores in Singapore, we grab for Golden Duck’s fish-skin crisps, made from dory"
"Their latest product, Sichuan Mala Hot Pot Fragrant Mix, proves that there’s no holding them back."


A love for street food, crazy ideas and terrible humour (no, really) somehow led our founders Jonathan Shen and Chris Hwang to the creation of one of Asia's most loved snack companies.

And even landed The Golden Duck on a feature with Forbes Magazine!