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Real ingredients, real flavour. Dish-accuracy is the name of our game, and we're obsessed with our craft. Our gourmet snacks have attained somewhat of a cult-food status in Asia, and have been featured in over a hundred media articles around the world. 

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This Christmas is unlike any other. For the first time this year, we’re slowly (and safely!) starting to reunite with our loved ones. It took a pandemic for us to appreciate the little things.

So whether you’ve been naughty or nice, purchase a Christmas Snackbox today and get 1000 bonus Crumbs. Whether together or apart, the gift goes on.

Meet Our Snackologists

We're a (some might say) rag-tag bunch of food-loving professionals that have banded together to connect the world through good food - from 5-star hotel chefs to ex-lawyers who find more enjoyment in debating topics like "where can I find the best plate of chicken rice".

We'd love to get up-close and personal with each one of you given the chance. Say hello!