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In the world of savoury snacks, fast-moving = king. This however, is not great for consumers, as taste and quality often find themselves prey to things like output, and achieving maximum efficiency.

In 2015, we set on a mission to challenge that. Two hungry entrepreneurs, a chef, and zero understanding of the consumer foods game — we created a snack that unbeknownst to us at the time, would go on to change our lives, and the way people snack in Asia.

Here at the Golden Duck, we like to say that we craft the world’s most complex, dish-accurate snacks. Our journey started with the umami golden goodness of salted-egg yolk, and five years on, here we are, obsessed with the art of turning our favourite foods from around Asia into gourmet snacks!

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Today, TGD has five gourmet products that we are extremely proud of, each having gone through over 30 rounds of research and development (us stuffing our faces) before seeing the light of day. We are sold in over 5000 touch-points globally, and millions of people have tried our products — coming from from all walks of life, brought together by the belief that life’s special moments are better through the common love of good food!

And where The Golden Duck goes, amazing snacks follow.

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Our Mission

"To connect people from all over the world by building a common love for great snacks."

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Care About

Blurring the lines between dish and snack

The journey of every TGD snack starts in a wok, with ingredients freshly curated from the local market. In goes a little spice and a whole lot of magic, just to make sure that we get the flavours just right. Yes, this is snack manufacturing done the hard way, but to craft the world’s most dish-accurate snacks, some sacrifices must be made. In fact, much of the process is still lovingly done by hand. This is why our snacks stand out. And it’s why our community of fans have done some crazy cooking recipes with them — we’ve been part of pasta sauces, and breading on roast chicken. The ingredients we use are real and it shows!

Embracing food heritage and culture

There’s a deep richness to food culture in Asia. The more we travel, the more we fall in love with the flavours of every country, each dish often holding the keys to a treasure trove of stories, infused with generations of heritage.

In this fast-paced digital age, there is a beauty in remembering pieces of the past. It is this that we are on a mission to embrace, educate about and eventually, preserve.

Connecting People

At the very core, we’re a bunch of young (some at heart) individuals that are passionate about sharing our love for good food. Since 2015, we’ve been touched time and time again with stories of how our snacks have turned a frown upside-down, or made certain moments even better — especially when enjoyed by fellow Singaporeans living abroad craving a taste of home ❤️

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The beautiful art of gourmet snack-making

To progress, is human.

And in every industry, there comes an inflection point where old habits and standards erode, and new (often better) ones take their place.

Just like how cooks become chefs; bartenders become mixologists; painters become artists, and vacuum cleaners become Dyson — in the pursuit of progress, we’ve taken the age-old process of snack manufacturing and turned it into what we call Snackology.

Choosing to manufacture our snacks the hard way is only scratching the surface. The processes needed to prepare, cook and pack each one one of our gourmet creations is three to four times as many, when compared to traditional snack-making. And many of these processes are still done by hand to preserve the flavours and integrity of the real ingredients we use.

However, as laborious as it may sound, it’s a beautiful art. The sights, smells, and sounds of man and machine working in unison to turn an array of simple ingredients into gourmet snack creations, is truly awe-inspiring!

With this in mind, we hope to bring to the world the tastiest, most dish-accurate snack creations, connecting people from all walks of life, through the love of great food.

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